Using revisions

Revisions are a super powerful feature within Bulletproofs. They allow you to keep track of changes to albums and ensure you end up with a design that's exactly what your client is after.

Every album is created with an initial revision labeled, oddly enough, Revision 1. The revision will be empty and you'll need to upload spreads by clicking "Add Images -> Upload Images".

After your album's first revision is reviewed (see: Reviewing an album), you'll want to make the changes to some of your spreads. Firstly, create a new revision by clicking on "Revision 1" and then, "New Revision":

This will create an entirely new revision without any spreads. But don't panic! We can easily import the approved spreads from a previous revision by clicking "Add Images" -> "Import Approved..."

This option is only available Revision 2 onwards (because there's nothing to import from a previous revision in Revision 1!). You'll see this dialog:

This process only imports "included" spreads from the review of the previous revision. We leave out the ones marked as "excluded".

Next, we'll upload the spreads we've updated. The easiest way to do this is to make the changes in your preferred design software and use the same filenames. If we do this, we can simply upload them into Bulletproofs and overwrite the previous versions. 

Bulletproofs will automatically copy across the comments from the previous version, allowing you to go to the review tab and reply or mark them as complete. This is the easiest way to make sure you've made all the required changes.

Once you're done, publish the revision and send it out for review again. You can create as many revisions as you need until your reviewer marks one as ready for print. 

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